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Our Testimonials
  • I have received my parcel in good condition, thank you very much. waiting for your coming soon products. please let me know if the stock arrived. thanks.
    Siti aishah ;)
    (Posted on 17 Sept 2010)

  • 请問那个日本COGIT神奇调整腰枕还有现货吗?我的朋友看到我的,她也很喜欢,可以订购两个吗?谢谢!
    (Posted on 11 Sept 2010)

  • Gambateh, i like your product. very nice & quality.
    (Posted on 2 Sept 2010)

  • Good service, i can received my bag in good condition. let me know the coming soon products. i wan to buy it.
    (Posted on 12 Aug 2010)

  • I got my parcel. thanks for the help.
    Buzzin me
    (Posted on 3 July 2010)

  • Perfect. gd job
    (Posted on 24 June 2010)

  • Please email me if got new stock. i wan buy some for my friends
    Zhi wei
    (Posted on 17 June 2010)

  • The free gift so cute ;) Thx very much
    (Posted on 26 May 2010)

  • i like it. hehe
    yusnita ahmad
    (Posted on 9 May 2010)

  • just received my goods. thanks your fast support. gj
    sleepy pretty gal
    (Posted on 19 April 2010)

  • why i got another keychain in the parcel i received? is this the freebie? thanks anyway. ;)
    kam sang
    (Posted on 3 April 2010)

  • Well done. nice thumb up for you guys. i got my bag aledi
    Petty kids
    (Posted on 25 March 2010)

  • Nice kaychain. put more items la. will come back later or email me if got new stock.
    Blue ray
    (Posted on 1 March 2010)

  • Puas hati dgn bag dr shopme99. trm kasih.
    Nur aniyati
    (Posted on 18 February 2010)

  • Thanks, i reveived my bag aledi. very happy can use in chinese new yr. hehe!
    luelue pang
    (Posted on 7 February 2010)

  • Shopme99.com would like to take this oppotunity to wishing all of our client have a very Happy Chinese New Year and thank you for the support.
    (Posted on 4 February 2010)

  • The parker pen really cheap compare with market price. You all did very well, i loving it. Gambateh!!!
    Vincent Tan
    (Posted on 29 January 2010)

  • The mask even cheapest than other shop. but seems more effective to use. good job guys...
      ‡† kokoyo †‡
    (Posted on 24 January 2010)

  • I have received my parcel, looks cute the key chain. Got discount if i receomment to my friend? thanks a lot
      French yoo
    (Posted on 13 January 2010)

  • Chinese new year got discount? keep it up :)
      Vivien loo
    (Posted on 7 January 2010)

  • cantiknya bag ni. suka sgt.
    (Posted on 6 January 2010)

  • happy new year shopme99
      Vivien loo
    (Posted on 1 January 2010)

  • Shopme99.com wishing all of you have a great Happy New Year and thousand thanks to your support! :)
    (Posted on 1 January 2010)

  • I like diskaun...hehe!!!
      pei fen
    (Posted on 29 December 2009)

  • cheap! :) please email me if got promotion.
    (Posted on 17 December 2009)

  • Hope shopme99.com can give more discount :) I really cant imagine so cheap the items here. i'll tell my fren.. :)
    (Posted on 8 December 2009)

  • 我很高兴我能得到我最喜爱的包包。 如有任何优惠请与我联系。谢谢!
      Shermaine Khoo
    (Posted on 22 November 2009)

  • Good service & reasonable price. Keep it up :)
      yee lin
    (Posted on 20 November 2009)

  • Nice design, i like the shopping cart & helpful support. Good job!!!
      Vivien loo
    (Posted on 12 November 2009)

  • Trm kasih atas sokongan yg pantas. i dah dapat beg i.
      Nurul ivan shusanti
    (Posted on 19 October 2009)

  • i dah dapat mask, tak sabar lagi nak try.....
    (Posted on 12 October 2009)

  • 我非常喜欢我的包包, 谢谢!
    (Posted on 12 September 2009)

  • shopme99 i love you! really fast i can get my bag. thanks for your fast response. please let me know if there is any new stock coming. Thanks a lot. I waiting for u (",)
      Wee siew ling
    (Posted on 8 September 2009)

  • I have received the parcel. All in good condition and all very cute! Thank you! Keep up the good customer service too!
    (Posted on 14 July 2009)

  • Haha! i no nid go out oso can buy my favourite bag. nice nice!
      Cindy chong
    (Posted on 2 July 2009)

  • thanks my dear recommend me shopme99, it really effective and trustful web...muak...
    (Posted on 19 June 2009)

  • Dah dapat i punya bag....comel.....
    (Posted on 19 June 2009)

  • Walao! really can so fast and cheap bag in malaysia wor.....
      mei ling
    (Posted on 12 May 2009)

  • just wan to share. :) this my 1st time can get the bag so fast and all in good condition
    (Posted on 25 April 2009)

  • TQ shopme99 fast respond, can i be your supplier??
      lai ting
    (Posted on 4 April 2009)

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