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Powerful Oil-Absorbing Carbon Paper

*Notes: Actual product colour may differ from the colour viewed online.

Product Price : RM8.20
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Product Code : BC65010
Category : Beauty Care
Colour : -
Weight : 100g
Product Description : Powerful Oil-Absorbing Carbon Paper

Product Details
Product Description: This product is good or Schering AG introduced new ultra-powerful oil-absorbing suede paper, in particular by raising the surface of paper handling, paper with a special oil-absorbing powder honey added, greatly increasing the absorption capacity of paper, simply touch immediately become transparent paper. reaching effects beyond the imagination of oil, while refreshing the skin naturally oily surface.

Product specifications: 80 pcs

Face (especially the forehead and nose angle) of light when the pan, pressing in oily parts shine rapid absorption, a good next skin becomes cool, no shine.

Beauty tips:

Where to shine?

1, a strong natural sebum secretion: metabolism lively, and will continue to put body oil, sweat evaporation, the shine will stay.
2, seasonal temperature change: the arrival of the hot season, the most easily disturbed by the skin of, as long as the humidity increased, growth increased perspiration, oil will come out.
3, irregular diet and rest: lack of sleep or a bad habit of soft food (such as fried objects), will affect the metabolism, so that abnormal secretion of the skin.

If you ignore the over-secretion of shine, it is easy combination of dirt and air oxidation, so that produce acne and acne skin.

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