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Monplay Fast Oil Removable Paper

*Notes: Actual product colour may differ from the colour viewed online.

Product Price : RM8.00 (RM10.00)
(*Notes: All price are not included delivery fee)
Product Code : BC65007
Category : Beauty Care
Colour : -
Weight : 100g
Product Description : Monplay Fast Oil Removable Paper (72 pcs)

Product Details
[Product Specifications]: 72 pcs
[Product Description]:
MM as a result of the summer skin oil secretion are strong, non-timely removal of excess facial fat, and might readily lead to blocked pores, resulting in pimple. This oil-absorbing paper with smooth soft tissues, only touch, instantly over your face and complete absorption of the oil to give skin a healthy luster to a brand-new, so you always look fly Yang

1, high quality oil-absorbing paper, oil-absorbing resilient, able to absorb the oil face, but they do not lose moisture.
2, so that the skin feeling smooth and soft, it's paper-based requirements of comfort, and have enough toughness and difficult to tear.
3, packing small, and easy to remove.
4, oil absorption capacity was three times higher than ordinary paper.
5, the rapid removal of the face and the shine does not look damage
6, no trick to face, it will cause the grease disappear instantly

Double-sided calendar, double effect absorption

Color: Purple wind and the sky blue letter

[The use of experience]:
In summer, MM were exposed to the sun but also to anti-anti-shine, easy to dress up the look well, time will soon be out of oil damaged ~ ~ hurry? Picnic, office, appointments does not allow me to have such a long time ~ ~ how do ah? Ha ha ~ ~ look at my magic bar. Oil-absorbing two-sided, more cost-effective oh ~ so long as the oil in the face of the pressing gently on the suction can easily take the excess oil so your look is more lasting! More services paste! Oil-free! Matt!

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