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Red Crystal Mask

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Product Price : RM9.80
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Product Code : MK60003
Category : Mask
Colour : -
Weight : 100g
Product Description : My Biggest Woman Recommendation - Red Crystal Mask

Product Details
Red wine is God's gift to women, the French Bordeaux region red grapes for red wine fermentation, nutrient-rich red wine contains polyphenols and grape seed extract, and its historical role in very significant, not only can prevent atherosclerosis. Swelling also slimming, skin whitening effect. In France, a woman loves a small cup a day of wine tasting. Used to maintain the beautiful appearance and healthy body. Red skin today celebrated the world!

Crystal mask of red wine, red wine is rich in minerals, such as a variety of anti-aging essence Dynamisante can penetrate the skin deep, and promote skin vitality, and enhance the skin's metabolism, the function of activated cell regeneration, improving the degeneration of elastic fibers in aging and restore dynamic flexibility of the skin, firming anti-aging, skin white efficient at the same time, the skin white, delicate, smooth and tighter it is, as you heal Aging.

Red wine high in nutrients, mostly from the grape juice, and its composition is very complex, now known more than 250. Remove red wine other than alcohol and water (water about 80% -90%), also contains sugar, protein, inorganic salts, trace elements, organic acids, pectin, various alcohols and a variety of vitamins, these substances are the body growth and development needs. Many components of red wine in the human body can play the role of antioxidants. Antioxidant activity can be a variety of ways to produce an effect on oxygen Mission. The easiest way is to remove active substances.

Film industry in the world revolution! Delicate woman's Gospel!

Dermal collagen type crystal red wine mask, pushing the film star in Taiwan! !
Whitening, moisture, moisture, shrink pores, freckle.
Can see the see the nourishment mask used in the process of thinning gradually absorbed, the effect of looking to see feelings.
Long-term use from the inside out and thoroughly improve the woman facial skin, eliminate wrinkles, keep beautiful and young forever!!!

Main components: red wine, arbutin, licorice flavonoids, Scutellaria, mulberry extract, L-Vc, soy protein, soybean peptide wrist, VB3, HA
The application of groups: the application of any crowd of skin and anti-aging day-to-day maintenance.

Paper Mask Crystal simulation technology in the leading position both at home and abroad, which have a complete replacement of the existing non-woven film possible, the market prospects are very broad. Paper Mask Simulation Crystal Polymer membrane breakthrough simulation with the skin type of each material made of collagen, can store more than the ordinary non-woven film of up to 10 times the skin factor, living cells, can promote cell metabolism, to improve the skin.

Simulation of advanced facial skin with the formation of crystal Application pressure infiltration of surface tension and the role of percutaneous absorption, can be more than 90% of the nutritional content of 0.5-2 hours in the infiltration of the skin basal layer 0.3mm deep, so that every cell moisture have been comprehensive, more sophisticated natural effect!

Paper in the Simulation of Crystal Mask of different water-soluble or can be added to the effectiveness of oil-soluble components, thereby, made of white, moisture, moisture, shrink pores, beauty cream, remove acne, remove eye pattern, Qu eye, remove black eye simulation features such as facial skin crystal.

The application of groups:
Work pressure, lack of rest, by UV against, dust pollution, facial skin prone to dull, dry, yellowing, roughness, laxity, wrinkles and other defects of the female. Suitable for all skin types, especially sallow, dull, dry and water shortage, the use of better skin pigmentation.

Crystal red wine facial mask to use: After cleaning face, take surface film affixed to the face, two to three times a week, when the Application used for the first time can be 30 minutes. Does not apply if no response, after hours of use could be extended to 1-2. Can be used every day Crystal wine surface film preservation methods: normal temperature preservation instead of horizontal ones can be frozen, is strictly prohibited in the freezer 0°C below.

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