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High Heels Partner - Flexible Silicone Jelly Palm

*Notes: Actual product colour may differ from the colour viewed online.

Product Price : RM3.50
(*Notes: All price are not included delivery fee)
Product Code : OT50007
Category : Other
Colour : -
Weight : 150g
Product Description : High Heels Partner - Flexible Silicone Jelly Palm Pad (Seal Fitted)

Product Details
★ former high silica gel palm pad does not shift ★ ★ reliable and comfortable

◆ commodity materials: flexible silicone massage materials, lightweight and soft, self-adhesive, and stick in the shoe will not slip.

★ commodity color: transparent (Stealth Design)
★ Specification: 10.5 * 6.5 * 0.2 (cm)
★ Packaging: Sealing equipment

◆ Usage: tear up the surface of the protective film, directly glued to the soles (Note to first clean shoes, and then stick insoles)
◆ Cleaning Method: water, soft hand, natural dry, reusable, long-term use will not be deformed squash
◆ shape can be pruned off in the other parts of the shoes, the same damping support, can play lightweight arch cushion heel pad and the role of
◆ callosity of softening, prevention corns, foot disease, foot, keratinocyte proliferation, bone highlighted with special effects.
◆ rebound massage to eliminate fatigue, reduce foot wear, and maintain foot comfort, the former is a unique foot.
◆ role with non-slip, applicable to most types of shoes, lightweight soft, transfer the following code in the semi-Code, the right shoes will not squeeze the foot.
◆ health care (prevention and control a variety of diseases):
1.Before the palm pad is designed to allow Department of congestive points, for the degree of heat, and warm enough Gushen communication heart, Shugan Mingmu and enhance the role of sleep.
2. Soles and between the respiratory mucous membrane of the nerve there is a close contact as soon as cold feet may be reflective of the upper respiratory tract mucous membrane caused by the capillary contraction and ciliary beat weakened, a significant drop in resistance was hidden in the nasopharynx viruses, bacteria on the opportunity to get, and the large population, the cold is the source of diseases. Foot massage insoles can rebound, so that the body balance of Yin and Yang, the elimination of the cold limbs, cramps foot.

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