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1. When should i do my payment after placing an order?
  • Payment has to be made with full payment in within 3 working days after stock available confirmation. Otherwise, the order will be cancelled automatically.

2. Why should I pay within 3 working days?
  • To ensure you're the serious buyer.
  • We do not hope to ask for payment from buyers one by one to influence our efficiency!
  • It is to ensure the stock prepared without any doubt!
  • And it is the way to protect seller and buyers benefits.

3. Why is the expected arrival date might be delay?
  • As we know, a delivery job related to several departments from our shipment partner. We could not promise any actual arrival date unless the items are delivered by us.

4. Stock reached, but I don't want it, can I refund!

5. Is my contact information will be safe in this site?
  • Yes! is committed to protecting your right to privacy base on the trust you place in us.

6. How do I check my order status?
  • You may check your order status Online or via SMS

7. What should I do once I has made the payment?
  • Please click here to notify us or SMS us at once you have make the payment